Vitaliy is a graduate of Irpin Theological Seminary, where he studied church ministry and conducting. He has a master's degree in vocal performance and choral conducting through the University of Culture and Arts in Kyiv and is currently pursuing his doctorate of arts at the Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (Kyiv) in addition to Biblical training through the Theological Institute (Austria). Vitaliy is known as a quiet, skilled leader with a deep passion for serving God and using the beauty of music to reach his country. He is supported in ministry by his lovely wife, Lyudmila and their young son, Julian, who loves to sing and play the piano! They live in the village of Zazimye, near Kyiv,.

MIWC: Eurasian Music Mission

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Vitaliy coordinated events and activities that ranged from training conferences for adults and teens to musical outreach camps for children to evangelistic concerts and worship celebrations.

When the attack began, his ministry team immediately pivoted from its music and worship training focus, to serving the suffering people of Ukraine. The team brought humanitarian aid into invaded cities and transported refugees out of the same cities on their return trips.

As weeks and months passed, the team joined with other church volunteers and created a hub in Western Ukraine to mobilize and address needs as they became apparent – creating an industrial kitchen to produce food, building a shelter for refugees and staffing a medical clinic for sick and injured Ukrainians.

While delivering supplies and tending to those wounded in body and spirit, the MIWC Ukraine team brings the hope of the Lord in the news of Jesus Christ – through song, through prayer and through service.

Music Ministry in Eastern Europe

The music ministry in Ukraine began in 1997 with the practical goals of improving musicians' skills and creating opportunities for church outreach. Today the ministry in Ukraine, Georgia and the surrounding region consists of a variety of ministry activities:

  • Youth summer music camps
  • Humanitarian aid and relocation assistance
  • Annual worship conferences
  • Music and worship leader training

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Greetings, brothers and sisters beloved by God!
I have but one goal — to praise Christ!

I was born in the Odessa Region of Bolgrad in 1980 to a Christan family that was very musical. My father was the church choir director and my mother sang in the choir. 

During my youth, I not only attended comprehensive school but also a music school, graduating from both in 1997. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 17 and felt God's call into ministry. Following my baptism, I entered the Irpin Theological Seminary and Music Academy. 

In 2004, I was already deeply involved in musical ministry leadership in Ukraine and, by 2007, God was calling me to teach and help prepare others for musical outreach, worship leadership, and missionary work into neighboring countries.

In 2010, I assumed the role of director for MIWC’s Eurasian Music Mission, eventually establishing a musical movement distinctly Ukrainian, called Ministry-Creativity-Mission. This movement focuses on equipping and supporting Believers to use music and the Arts for worship within the church and for evangelistic outreach.

I am grateful and humbled by God's calling and blessing on my life, and for the privilege of using the beauty of music and creativity to further His Kingdom and glorify His name.


Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in Christ!
Thank you for serving Christ and for your prayers for Music Ministry and Outreach in Eastern Europe!

Updated October 2023

  • Vitaliy's Family: Lyuda and Yulian are back in Ukraine and they are all grateful to be united as a family. The reality of war, Lyuda needing a job, Vitaliy's busy ministry/aid schedule, the need for safe & good schooling for Yulian, and the challenge of having been separated for over a year make for very stressful circumstances. Pray for them!
  • Wartime: Physical, Emotional, and Spritual needs are so apparent during wartime. An example: Russia has been using fear and scare tactics in the form of fake bomb threats against schools all across Ukraine. Not only does it require evacuating the targeted school and investigating, but it is very traumatic for the students and parents. 
  • Ministry: This looks different during wartime, but it is occurring nonetheless. Pray, as aid is delivered and needs are met, that the ministry, singing, and comforting prayers and messages shared will meet open and soft hearts.
  • Camp Praise: We are still praising God for the work with refugees that happened this summer. Stories continue to be told of children and families whose lives have been touched and changed due to music camps this summer. We are grateful for ALL who partnered to make these happen. 
  • Safety: Continue to pray for the teams traveling to the areas most impacted by the war (Kherson, Bakhmut, Dnipro, etc). The recent trip to the Kherson region brought much needed medical supplies and food to the people and the team shared the gospel and provided music and crafts for the children to help them process their feelings. 
  • End to the War: There is nothing easy about war, but it is especially discouraging and hard when it continues to drag on. Another winter is coming and Russia keeps disrupting everything in Ukraine...destroying life and livelihoods. Pray for Ukraine's territory to be returned and Russia to go home!