Our Mission

We support the global church by equipping musicians, music leaders, and pastors for strengthening the worship life of their local congregations and reaching their communities with the good news that Jesus changes lives.

Our Priorities


Equipping individuals with biblical training in worship and the arts for their work as church leaders, church planters, missionaries, and performers


Developing and discipling national leadership for long-term independence and sustainability of programs and projects


Emphasizing indigenous language, music, and art forms in worship and outreach to tell the story of God’s love


Caring for underserved communities, including vulnerable, poor, educationally disadvantaged, and special needs populations in our ministry locations

About Us

Music in World Cultures is an international faith-based organization at the forefront of a growing movement using music as a strategic tool in missions.

Our projects are initiated at the request of individuals and groups currently serving their communities, often after seeing MIWC projects at-work in other countries.

We emphasize the development of national leadership in each location we serve, through mentoring, leadership training, and direct support. We partner with local missionaries, churches, and other faith-based organizations to strengthen regional outreach efforts, including church-planting, evangelism, and education.

Our teams include teachers, ethnomusicologists, conductors, musicians, pastors, and other volunteers.

The power of music in missions begins with the unique access afforded to musicians. Music is our means of accessing culture, breaking down barriers and building bridges to establish cross-cultural relationships, so that all nations may worship God.
MIWC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania.