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Eastern Europe Update: Invasion of Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched its current invasion into Ukrainian territory, creating an immediate need for obtaining and transporting humanitarian aid and medical supplies, in addition to rescuing and caring for refugees. MIWC Eastern Europe shifted its ministry focus to meeting these needs.

As the attacks continue, team members remain committed to these goals in addition to using their musical abilities to bring hope, peace, joy, and the truth of God’s salvation to their country. Please continue to visit this page for up-to-date prayer requests and information. 

Prayer Requests

Updated December 15, 2022

  • Safety! Continue to pray for safety for the MIWC local team and for the other chaplains and leaders they network with throughout the different regions of Ukraine. All of those serving live in very difficult conditions, surrounded by constant artillery barrages while out in the field. Exhaustion and discouragement are constant issues.
  • Praise! The power of prayer is undeniable! Vitaliy and others on the team are so grateful for God's provision and protection. They see evidence daily of how He has preserved their lives and given them direction in meeting needs and witnessing to those who don't know Christ.
  • Wisdom! Pray for the leaders as they minister and bring aid. Pray that they will know where and when to go, and how to allocate the resources that they have. Winter affects all of Ukraine and, while the south is slightly warmer, it does freeze. The loss of power is a serious problem. Everywhere the team goes to help, people beg them to return soon. The needs are great and are multiplying faster than they can be met.
  • End! Pray for an end to the invasion and a return of Ukrainian territory.
  • Pray & Share the Story! Your partnership is making such a difference! Thank you! Please Pray for coninued provision for the aid work and ministry (10 months into this war!) and GIve as you can to support the crisis. Share the need with friends and family; carrying the burden together has proven to be very powerful and is helping the team minister effectively!
  • Warmth! This cannot be overstated! The attacks on Ukraine's power grid mean that millions of people are without electricity, water, or heat. Pray for God's mercy and provision to be evident in the coming months. The winter weather is brutally cold in this part of the world. 
  • God's Glory! Continue to pray for changed hearts! The team is sharing God's Word; singing truth; meeting practical, medical, & emotional needs; in addition to including Bibles and Christian family resources with food boxes. This is having a tremendous impact.
  • Van Needed! This remains a large and very important request. The ministry has had such an amazing impact with the vans that God has provided, allowing them to deliver aid throughout the entire country. They are in great need of one more vehicle. Please pray and, if you are able, donate for this essential need!


As the crisis persists, it is easy to stop asking for God to intervene, but we are thankful for all the signs that people are still praying and giving! God is at work! We are grateful for you because you allow MIWC in Ukraine to be a light for Christ and to minister to so many. Destruction, grief, and anxiety are everywhere, but so are opportunities to bless and tell people about Jesus. Thank you for giving and for praying. Слава Богу! 


  • Ukraine is the hub for MIWC ministries in Eastern Europe. From Kyiv, our ministries reach throughout Ukraine into Moldova, Belarus, the Russian Federation, and into Central Asia and Caucasia.
  • At 42 million people, Ukraine is the largest European country. It is politically stable, but war-torn and still struggles with dependence on Russia. Much of the country identifies as Orthodox and widespread distrust of Evangelical believers exist.
  • Local MIWC Ukraine leaders have been busy preparing the next generation of leaders, sending them into Georgia and Tajikistan.



MIWC’s first long-term field project began in Ukraine in 1997. Its original goals were practical, due to poor economic conditions post-Soviet rule. They included improving Christian musicians’ skills, teaching business practices, creating opportunities for church outreach, and preparing the next generation of music and worship leadership for church health and growth.

Currently, MIWC Ukraine is very active continuing to educate future leaders. Annual summer youth music camps are now led exclusively by Ukrainians and camp locations are continually being added.

The ministry is strongly engaged in supporting military troops, churches, and families in the war-torn areas of the country, while also increasing ministry activity in the Chernobyl region, Kyiv’s inner city, and in Georgia and Belarus via music missionaries.