Sergii graduated from the Christian Music Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine and completed master’s degrees at the National Music Academy of Ukraine and Irpin Bible Seminary.

His ministry work began in Ukraine as head of the music ministry at one of Kyiv’s largest churches. From Ukraine, he was called to Georgia, where he worked with MIWC and the Franklin Graham Association on two Festival of Hope events. In 2015 he relocated to Estonia as Director of MIWC Europe. There he leads the annual Levite Conference for European ministers; organizes music training programs and camps; and networks connections between church leaders in surrounding countries.

Sergii and his wife, Nadiia, live in Tallinn, Estonia with their four children: David, Elizabeth, Stefan, and Mark. The family enjoys music, singing together, making new friends, and learning how to serve God in different cultures.

MIWC Europe

MIWC Europe grew as a natural extension of the expanding ministry in Ukraine. Sergii and his team focus on Russian-speaking churches in the Baltics and beyond, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022, a great influx of Ukrainian refugees into the Baltic region created a great need for ministry outreach.

MIWC Europe also actively supports ministry activities in other European countries, including Germany, where MIWC Associate James Janzen routinely travels to instruct on Biblical praise and worship principles.

Music Ministry in Europe

MIWC Europe's vision is that every nation will have effective musical leaders of disciple-making movements impacting their churches, cultures and countries for Christ. We are implementing this vision through:

  • Musical training programs for existing and new leaders
  • Annual Levite Conference, a gathering of music ministers and pastors who inspire, share, teach and conduct in-depth analysis of biblical foundations of ministry
  • Christian youth music camps
  • Building bridges and connections among churches and countries in ministry
  • Finding key-person(s) in each country to create a network of partners and friends who have the same fire and vision
  • Supporting Ukranian refugees who have fled to the Baltic region

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Greetings, brothers and sisters beloved by God!
I have but one goal — to praise Christ!

I was born in the Odessa Rgion of Bolgrad in 1980 to a Christan family that was very musical. My father was the church choir director and my mother sang in the choir. 

During my youth, I not only attended comprehensive school but also a music school, graduating from both in 1997. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 17 and felt God's call into ministry. Following my baptism, I entered the Irpin Theological Seminary and Music Academy. 

In 2004, I was already deeply involved in musical ministry leadership in Ukraine and, by 2007, God was calling me to teach and help prepare others for musical outreach, worship leadership, and missionary work into neighboring countries.

In 2010, I assumed the role of director for MIWC’s Eurasian Music Mission, eventually establishing a musical movement distinctly Ukrainian, called Ministry-Creativity-Mission. This movement focuses on equipping and supporting Believers to use music and the Arts for worship within the church and for evangelistic outreach.

I am grateful and humbled by God's calling and blessing on my life, and for the privilege of using the beauty of music and creativity to further His Kingdom and glorify His name.


Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in Christ!
Thank you for serving Christ and for your prayers for Music Ministry and Outreach in Northern Europe!